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We offer a wide range of ergonomic furniture that can suit your needs. Furniture which is innovative, rugged and timeless.
Our products can fit in all types of projects, sectors and working environments.

We parternered with brands that have proven themselves in the market, who have been able to adapt to change in order to offer functional products, intelligent and above all that fit us, the users.

Our vision and our expertise is the key to your success because the first people we think of are your employees, who ask only one thing, to work in a harmonious and comfortable environment to do their best.

Office spaces

open office capisco with rylee tablesopen office rangements audrey
focal confluence table
evan open space

Collaboratives spaces

nemo bar open space nemo bar and treillis

truman loungedewy tables


institutions et ecoles

Storage, filing, boards, multi-fonction chairs

mobile markermobile marker
mobilier pour institutions et ecoles


Plenty of products are available.
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