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moll Champion
moll Champion moll Champion moll Champion moll Champion moll Champion moll Champion

moll Champion

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* Tilting desktop:






Some items and/or colors may not be available in stock at the moment of your order. Please pre-order from our next delivery so we can deliver your order quicker. Typical lead time may vary between 8 and 12 weeks if not in stock as imported from Germany. After your order is processed, we will send you an email with estimated lead time.


INNOVATIVE IN DESIGN FOR TODAY'S CHILDREN. (Videos at the bottom of the page)

* Easy height adjustment with a user-friendly yo-yo string. It's this easy: pull the yo-yo string until the desk is at the desired height - and that's all! Smoothly! No need to get up, no trapping of fingers, no stress. The main advantage: optional extensions "grow along with the child".

* Split desktop : one part of the desktop can be tilted and used for drawing, writing or reading - while the rest of it remains fixed in place as a practical storage surface and working space.

* 3 styles available : left-up, right-up or front-up. Right-handed people have a different grip and line of sight from left-handed people. Depending on the chosen version, the tilting and fixed parts of the desktop are the perfect ergonomic match. Our recommendation : left up for right-handed users and right up for left-handed users.

moll ergonomic desk Champion left up moll ergonomic desk Champion right up moll ergonomic desk Champion front up




* Unique tilt position : pulling on the left button positions the desktop at an angle, while pulling on the right one lowers it.

* Clear design language with a round silhouette and the matching details are the key features of this most recent desk and accessories. Restrained colour applications add neat accents for the children, and make it a "must" for every modern children's room.

* Add colour to your world : every Champion comes with a box of colour foils for the leg runners and the matching cover caps for the yoyo.

* Cable duct : roomy storage on the back of the desk for storing cables and plugs.

* Included extras : book holder, magnetic anti-slip feature ruler.

Practical additions for the Champion

moll Champion giant drawer moll Champion drawer cover moll Champion cable duct cover

Giant Drawer

Drawer Cover

Cable Duct Cover

moll Champion container Cubic moll Champion pad  




Need a larger working area ? See below available matching extensions.

moll side extension side top moll back extension multi deck moll back extension Flex deck

Side Top

Multi Deck

Flex Deck

NEW Flexlight - the perfect light for children's eyes
The new flexible LED light shows out the highest flexibility and brilliant additional functions:
* Can be dimmed from 100% to 5% illuminance. The light doesn't flicker, either.
* Saves a lot of electricity: -85% on a 60W light bulb.
* Set the night mood easily thanks to the back-lit switch. Changes the colour by a simple touch.
* USB-charging station for iPod, cell phone and other electronic devices.

flexlight flexibleflexlight dimmerflexlight usb chargerflexlight colorsflexlight night lamp



Product facts :

* Exclusively made in Germany.
* 5-year quality guarantee, 5-year after-sales guarantee.
* Easy to assemble.
* Overall dimensions : W 122cm; D 72 cm; H 53-82cm. Tilting part : W 69cm; D 52cm.
* For users between 109 and 200cm tall.
* "Blue Angel" environmental quality awarded with the statement "low in emmisions".
* Safety tested with GS seal.


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