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Variér Move Small
Variér Move Small Variér Move Small Variér Move Small

Variér Move Small

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Especially for young children, movement is necessary, not naughty. Activity benefits both the body and mind. Although this can be frustrating to teachers and parents, the non-stop acrobatics are actually healthy and vital for growth. What appears to be unnecessary or sometimes even dangerous mischief can actually increase blood flow and oxygen supply to developing organs, muscles and brains. Our philosophy is that furniture for children should ergonomically support the total learning environment, wiggles and all.

Research points to movement as the key to focus and improved posture. Longtime ADHD researcher Dr. Mark Rapport, believes movement is a key component in the ability of certain children to focus. A published study concluding in 2009 by the Department of Psychology, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL. investigated whether children’s activity level is functionally related to working memory demands. Following this, a second comprehensive 2 year study by UCF was undertaken in 2010 in which the Move stool was selected for use due to its’ unique ability to encourage movement while sitting. The data is still being analyzed, but according to researchers, when asked, the children involved in the study overwhelmingly preferred the Move to the control chair.

Move redefines sitting. The human body is designed for motion and should never be still for too long.

* The Move stool is a precision device, engineered for movement; promoting relaxation, increasing concentration in natural, active sitting positions.

* Its saddle shaped seat is an essential element, making it impossible to slide off, even with the thighs positioned vertically. This means you can really open up the angle between your torso and thighs, allowing deeper breathing, improving concentration and relieving the pressure on the spine.

* 360 degrees of movement and vital support while standing, thanks to the convex base that follows the body through a range of positions.

* It has been incorporated into several schools and specialized learning environments worldwide.

* It is the perfect solution for the home, office, dorm room or bedroom, anywhere where one spends time in front of a computer or desk.


Product facts :

* Handcrafted in Norway by skilled artisans.
* Design by Per Øie
* Seven-year guarantee on wooden parts; five-year guarantee on mechanisms.
* All wood is harvested from highly sustainable forests.
* Assembly required.
* Seat height : 49-66cm; saddle width : 34cm.


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