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The most common misconception, when choosing a chair, is to assume that sinking into soft padding is the sign of "good" seating. Jenny Pynt, PhD and consultant to the brand Variér summarizes what happens to your back when you slouch in such seating for periods as short as 20 minutes.

"If your home seating fails to maintain the natural curve of your low back, indeed encourages you to sit in a sustained slouch, then the ligaments in your back are going to be stretched, just as they are if you sit badly in the office. As a result the small stretch receptors in the ligaments and deep muscles of your back will tire of their protective role and switch off, and you lose the reflex that automatically protects your spine. With your spinal stability gone your spine is now very vulnerable to injury and all the time you are sitting slouched, fluid is emerging from the muscles, ligaments, discs and joints, irritating the spinal structures and creating inflammation."

Variér seating employs firm cushioning distributing your body weight to provide significantly superior support - creating an "ah-ha" moment of healthy comfort.

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