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Recliners and lounge chairs

After a long day on your feet, what could be better than sinking into an easy chair? Experience the feel of a chair that protects you and gives you your own little personal zone, really letting yourself unwind, relaxing with your feet up or not, in a truly restful position.

Variér lounge chairs are designed to be attractive whilst giving you the freedom of gentle movement to feel relaxed and comfortable.

information ALL OF THE RECLINERS from Variér are equipped with tilting mechanisms that offer you the comfort of leaning right back or staying upright in a more active position whilst giving your body all the support it needs to unwind.

Variér Kokon Club
Simple, inviting and full of natural comfort. Kokon Club is a simple yet inviting lounge chair ..
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Variér Peel
A HAVEN OF CALM Varier Peel recliner wraps your body in protective layers, creating a haven of ..
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Variér Kokon
VARIER KOKON NESTLES YOUR BODY. Varier Kokon responds to your every movement. Lean back and fee..
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Variér Peel Club
THE IDEAL LOUNGE CHAIR FOR A COMFORTABLE CONVERSATION Peel Club wraps your body in protective l..
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Variér Ekstrem
EXTREME FREEDOM FOR THE MIND Thought-provoking in Varier Ekstrem. A bold, unconventional form o..
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