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Meditation often comes along with a spiritual approach, a search, a communion. Sometimes merely to take a break, regenerate, but also to understand, clarify, channel… Everyone practices and enjoys meditation in different ways. However it’s in the emotion as well as in the expression of feelings of peace, understanding and freedom that harmony is found.

With this vision in mind, the IKUKO meditation bench was designed to soften our practice, allowing us to find a more natural and comfortable way of sitting.

IKUKO is the ideal kneeling bench allowing you to sit in a natural, balanced and relaxed posture, preserving your freedom of movement and the benefits of a posture chair. IKUKO is originally a meditation bench designed to soften the practice of meditation to people struggling with the lotus or semi-lotus, but is also found to be enjoyed in various situations such as : eating at a coffee table, reading, working, playing with kids ...


Natural spine curve sitting on the ergonomic bench IKUKO

* With IKUKO, sitting becomes intuitive, you can instantly concentrate on your activity.

* The open sitting angle between thigh and torso and the kneeling position allows the back to automatically straighten up and so the spine balances properly over the pelvis, rediscovering its natural curve.

* The tensions in the back and shoulders are prevented, muscles are relaxed, for a better circulation and energy flow.

* The open chest makes breathing easy, improving oxygen levels for a better circulation of your energy and a general feeling of well-being.

* No need for a cushion.

* IKUKO can be dismantled : remove both feet, slip the bench into its cotton bag, and here we go, IKUKO with you everywhere!



Product facts :

* Made of a curved and arched seat, to provide you with the best comfort.
* Made in massive wild cherrywood.
* IKUKO can be dismantled and comes with its 100% Organic Cotton bag.
* 100% designed and manufactured in Quebec, Canada.
* Overall dimensions : D 20cm; W 42cm; H 16/18cm; W 2kg.
* Stamped.
* 90-days guarantee.

ikuko meditation bench

* Please note that because the stool IKUKO is made in massive wood, the veinage and the tint are not uniform. Each bench has nuances, which make it unique and of a big beauty.