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If you are looking for a better and healthier sleep, then you have come to the right place! 
We believe that a good day starts with a good night’s rest and the best place to start is an all-natural and well-designed bed.

A Better Sleep for Everyone in a nutshell:
- Everybody deserves a good night’s sleep!
- A better sleep is vital to your health! Most chronic back pain is directly related to incorrect sleep.
- A better sleep improves your quality of life! Waking up pain-free is essential to a productive day.
- Chemicals and synthetics are harmful! All materials used are 100% natural and do not contain any chemicals or synthetics.
- Let’s protect our environment! None of the materials are treated with harmful processes or substances. Also, we do not use metal parts in our beds.
- Let’s keep things simple! No tools are required for set-up, and every bed (including king size bed) can be easily transported in any mid-sized vehicle.


natural ergonomic bed


1- Frame with Latex Strips:

Made out of 100% untreated solid Canadian Aspen wood.
Three types of wood finishes available – Aspen, Soft Maple, Black Cherry.
The latex strips are made out of 100% natural latex wrapped in 100% natural cotton on Aspen wood.

2- “Tri-Slat” System

Made out of 100% natural and untreated Canadian Aspen wood.
Tri-slats are held together by 100% natural cotton band.
Tri-slat in details here.

3. Natural Talalay Latex Mattress

100% natural Talalay latex mattress (no chemicals, no synthetics).
100% natural cotton cover to protect the natural latex mattress (this can be removed to be washed).

4. Natural Virgin Sheep Wool Cover

Untreated, 100% pure and natural sheep wool from living sheep.
More details on benefits of pure sheep wool here.



All beds are in standard North American sizes. Unlike most other manufacturers all beds are also extra long (XL) and custom sizes can be build.

Twin Size Bed – 98 x 202 cm (39 x 80 in)
Double Size Bed – 136 x 202 cm (54 x 80 in)
Queen Size Bed – 151 x 202 cm (60 x 80 in)
King Size Bed – 196 x 202 cm (77 x 80 in)



The first thing a person who suffers from lower back pain should consider is his/her bed. With an average of 27 years, every person spends most of their life laying in bed and therefore it must be seriously considered when it comes to lower back pain, especially the one that is labelled “due to old age”.

The principle idea behind the design of the Tri-Slat system is to relieve and to prevent lower back pain. With the real difficulty being the design of a one size fits all system, the Tri-Slat system achieves exactly that. The intricate design and arrangement of the Tri-Slats and the latex supports creates a sleeping surface that is flat, flexible and supportive at all times regardless of a person’s weight, size or build.

natural bed

Are you sleeping on your back?

In this picture to the left, we intentionally left out the latex mattress in order for you to better see how the Tri-slat system will adjust to reflect the natural curve of the person’s spinal cord. The system enables the body to go into a perfect state of rest where all muscles in the sleeper’s back can rest and relax. It will provide this optimal lying position, independent of the person’s weight, size and build. This provides optimum sleeping conditions to relieve and prevent lower back pain.

natural bed side

Are you sleeping on your side?

For a person sleeping on their side, it is absolutely vital to keep the spine in a straight position. The excellent elastic properties of the natural latex in combination with the Tri-slat system provide the perfect surface for the side-sleeper, independent of the person’s weight, size and build. Once again, this is absolutely necessary to keep lower back pain from developing.



1. Relieves and prevents lower back pain caused by incorrect sleep, which is one of the most common causes of lower back pain.
2. There are no chemicals, nor synthetics in any of our wood components, latex mattresses or sheep wool toppers.
3. Double, Queen and King Beds come with two separate Tri-Slat systems which means that a person who is tossing and turning or getting out of bed will not interrupt the other person’s sleep.
4. The sheep wool topper is self-cleaning, anti-allergenic and eliminates need for flame retardants!
5. Our mattresses have two different sides to it with one side being soft and the other side being firm. One needs to simply flip the mattress to change from soft to firm and vice versa.
6. The 100% natural cotton mattress cover is washable.
7. No metal coils or any other metal components and therefore no EMF amplification through your bed.
8. Combination of organic latex and sheep wool provides a warm and dry bed in the winter and a cool and dry bed in the summer.
9. All wood components are untreated solid North American wood.
10. Our bed system is easy to move and to setup (no tools required).

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