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Privacy Policy

We make a commitment to respect the confidentiality of the personal information which we collect. The information you supply is protected in pursuance of the Law on the protection of the personal information. An SSL security certificate is installed to secure the exchange of information between the user and

Use of the personal information
Your personal information is collected by means of forms as well as by exchanges of emails.
The information collected by Bluecony Inc., with the consent of the user and registered in its database, allows Bluecony Inc. to send to the user printed or electronic documentation, to answer to information requests, to process a reservation or purchase of a product or a service.

Collecting private information
We collect the following information :
First name
Postal address
Zip code
Phone number/ fax

Right of access
We make a commitment to recognize a right of access and rectification to the concerned persons avid to consult, to modify, even to cross off their personal information.

Right of opposition and withdrawal
We make a commitment to offer a right of opposition and withdrawal for your personal information.
The right of opposition is the possiblity offered to the Internet users to refuse that their personal information is used in certain purposes mentioned during the collection. The right of withdrawal is the possiblity offered to the Internet users to ask that their personal information doesn't appear any more, for example, in a mailing list. To be able to exercise these rights, you can contact us at our legal address mentioned at the bottom of page.

Transmission of the personal information
Bluecony Inc. does not transmit or sell any private information about its clients, unless it serves a precise demand required by the client with the consent of the client.