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HAG H05 medium back
HAG H05 medium back HAG H05 medium back

HAG H05 medium back

Product Code: H05 medium back (20.5in)
Availability: Lead time 2-3 weeks
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Brilliantly simple HÅG H05 is a living chair. You will quickly find out what feels best for allowing movement and giving you balance in the chair.

* HÅG H05 has exceptional and unique simplicity of adjustment. You need only one lever and one wheel to adjust the chair so that it follows your every movement.

* The HÅG H05’s design is based upon the “balanced movement” mechanism, which allows people to sit balanced above the chair’s tilting point and use their feet to guide the chair’s movement and tilt angle.

* Fully adjustable armrests or patented SwingBack function allowing the armrests to easily be folded behind the back, out of the way available.

* Now recognized as a HÅG trademark, the grooved footrests above the H05’s casters make balanced movement extremely easy.

Available upholsteries :
HAG Capisco available uphoslteries

Product facts :

* Design by Peter Opvsik.
* 10-year guarantee.
* Lifetime guarantee on gas lift.
* Available in a large range of fabrics and colors.
* Matte black, silver or polished aluminum frame.
* Carpet or hard surface casters.
* Assembly required.

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