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Variér Multi balans
Variér Multi balans Variér Multi balans Variér Multi balans Variér Multi balans

Variér Multi balans

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* Wood finish / Upholstery:


Varier Multi balans is the pliable kneeling chair of our line.
This multi-function sitting instrument is portable, height-adjustable and supports a range of sitting positions.

* Designed to create an open angle between the torso and thighs, the Multi balans gives you the freedom to decide just how open that angle should be.

* It has an adjustable sitting height and angle (the distance between thigh and torso). Both height and sitting angle can be adjusted simultaneously.

* At its steepest setting, the Multi balans places almost as little strain on the back as a standing posture, while at its lowest it can function as a child’s chair and worktable in one. In any position your spine is in its natural, dynamic curvature while your torso needs to finds it own equilibrium.

* The shoulders and neck are relieved and the breathing is easier, providing well-being whilst seated. You are sitting comfortably and can concentrate on your activity



Product facts :

* Original Balans chair design by Peter Opsvik.
* Handcrafted in Norway by skilled artisans.
* Seven-year guarantee on wooden parts; five-year guarantee on mechanisms.
* Collapsible for easy transport and storage.
* All wood is harvested from highly sustainable forests.
* Assembly required.
* Overall dimensions: D 60cm; W 47cm; H 42-63cm.

Available upholsteries :

- FAME (95% Wool)

FAME black 0999

Onyx black 0999