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Variér Variable balans
Variér Variable balans Variér Variable balans Variér Variable balans Variér Variable balans Variér Variable balans Variér Variable balans Variér Variable balans

Variér Variable balans

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* Variable Wood finish/Upholstery:

* Backrest:

* Soft Tape to protect wooden floors:

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Varier Variable balans is the ideal kneeling chair allowing you to sit in a natural posture, preserving your freedom of movement and the benefits of a posture chair. This kneeling chair will also be a true help to people who suffer from back pain thus a good alternative to traditional office chairs.

* The Variable balans kneeling chair both encourages your body to move and reacts to every one of its movements. While tension in back and shoulders is prevented, this "active sitting" improves circulation and oxygen levels; thus concentration and creativity during your work.

* Runners and kneepads promote an open and dynamic sitting position that keeps your spine in its natural curvature and improves breathing. With the Variable kneeling chair sitting becomes intuitive.

* When you sit on a Variable you’ll use the wooden runners to distribute your body weight and the kneepads will prevent the body from sliding forwards, allowing the natural open angle between thigh and torso.

* Proper use of the chair requires periodic extension of the legs. It is perfectly suitable to always keep one leg extended, alternating to control your movement.

* Variable balans is recommended during pregnancy as the ideal solution to relieve lower back pain and aid in Optimal Foetal Positioning.

* Optional wood backrest making resting positions easier.


Two different optional backrest styles :

Varier Variable wooden back Varier Variable padded back

Wooden backrest

Padded backrest

Product facts :

* Original Balans chair design by Peter Opsvik.
* Handcrafted in Norway by skilled artisans.
* Seven-year guarantee on wooden parts; five-year guarantee on mechanisms.
* All wood is harvested from highly sustainable forests.
* Assembly required.
* Overall dimensions: D 72cm; W 52cm; H 51 cm.