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Variér Wing balans
Variér Wing balans Variér Wing balans Variér Wing balans Variér Wing balans

Variér Wing balans

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* Upholstery:


Varier Wing is a height adjustable kneeling chair with wheels. Just as our other posture chairs, Wing balans brings the benefits of a natural sitting posture, while adapting to your office desk.

* Wing balans is optimal for work at high or height adjustable tables, encouraging a variety of sitting positions. Promoting active sitting it keeps you breathing deeply, giving your energy levels and powers of concentration an invaluable boost.

* Wing supports you in the open balans “kneeling” posture instead of the erect or right-angled posture imposed by traditional office chairs. This creates a balanced torso and allows your spine to find its natural curve while strengthening your back muscles.

* The shoulders and neck are relieved providing well-being whilst seated. You are sitting comfortably and can concentrate on your activity.

* Wing has wheels and swivels, that make it ideal for work that involves a lot of movement. The wheels are flexible, so the chair responds to your body weight to tip you forwards or backwards, encouraging regular shifts in posture.


Product facts :

* Original Balans chair design by Peter Opsvik.
* Handcrafted in Norway by skilled artisans.
* Seven-year guarantee on wooden parts; five-year guarantee on mechanisms.
* All wood is harvested from highly sustainable forests.
* Assembly required.
* Overall dimensions: D 58cm; W 58cm; H 52-72 cm.

Available upholsteries :

- FAME (95% Wool)

FAME black 0999

Onyx black 0999