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Focal Mobis II leaning stool
Focal Mobis II leaning stool Focal Mobis II leaning stool Focal Mobis II leaning stool Focal Mobis II leaning stool

Focal Mobis II leaning stool

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Mobis II is the next evolution of the ergonomic task seat that pairs perfectly with any standing desk or height-adjustable workstation. It's smart, space-saving design is also ideal for meeting spaces, encouraging spontaneous collaboration and aha-moments. What's new? The seat pan was upgraded to include a Tri-Flex Seat Cushion that has built-in sitz bone contours for plush support and a waterfall edge  to reduce pressure on the upper legs and promote healthy circulation. Mobis II offers the ideal level of healthy support for your body, keeping your spine in a neutral posture and your major muscles engaged. How does it work? Mobis II won't stand for slouching! It gently enforces good posture by returning your spine to its healthy S-curve. And, because the seat's angled design encourages movement, both your body and your brain stay engaged.

* Mobis II is for anyone who is searching for comfortable, practical, and stylish seating that enhances your energy and the fun and ease of how you work. It offers the ideal level of upright support for those at the office, medical facilities, retail, or anywhere it’s important to keep your energy up and your thoughts focused.
* Mobis II is designed to work as a dynamic extension of your body, pivoting and flexing to respond to and support every move you make.
* When using Mobis II your body intuitively assumes a relaxed, upright posture that keeps your major muscle groups engaged, your circulation, well, circulating, and your energy high. As your body shifts, so does the Mobis. Your body can be as active or still as the work at hand demands.
* Foot rest: foot support though often overlooked, is a key to creating an ergonomically optimized workstation making it easier to get foot support in a variety of postures. The stabilizing foot rest supports your feet, allowing your legs to assume a neutral, relaxed position. The simple action of placing your feet on the foot rest reduces pressure on your foot bones, offers ankle support, and keeps blood flowing in your lower legs. Additionally, the stabilizing foot rest allows you to keep moving throughout the workday, encouraging you to vary postures while you work.


Product facts :
* The seat fits users ranging in height from 4'11" to 6'8"
* Weight: 16 lbs
* Base Footprint: 16″ elipse
* Mobis’ leg flexes 6 degrees in all directions
* Seat rotates 360 degrees, always returning to center


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