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moll Rotafile
moll Rotafile moll Rotafile

moll Rotafile

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Rotafile rotary files require less floor space and wall space than standard shelving with the same storage capacity. Designed to be flexible, they can be used in very different ways in a well laid out and appealing manner; very strong they allow up to 90kg per level. Customize your storage thanks to the available accessories and finishes.
1, 2, 3 ... up to 6 levels, it's totally up to you!

space saving storage

* 3 types of rotary files available:
- Multifile: elegant storage furniture with individually rotating height-adjustable;
- Compactfile: rotating storage furniture in a slender design;
- Squarefile: the square column.
flexible storage

Product facts :

* Exclusively made in Germany.
* 5-year quality guarantee.
* Easy to assemble.
* "Blue Angel" environmental quality awarded with the statement "low in emmisions".
* Safety tested with GS seal.