"With our many years of corporate experience as well as private clinic, including the Montreal Center of Integrative Medicine, we offer therapeutic services in Shiatsu to support your health."

Integrative therapy

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Shiatsu massage

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What is Shiatsu and how can it help you?

Shiatsu is not a massage but is a manual bodywork technique from Japan. It is given dressed, lying on a futon mattress on the ground and is mainly exercised by pressure and stretching.
All parts of the body are solicited. This technique is also based on the concept of the energetic body (meridians) such as acupuncture for example.

"This approach makes you an actor of your health and healing. "

Shiatsu at work – Corporate wellness therapy

What can it bring accross your organization and why offer this service?

Allowing your staff in their workplace to have a regenerative activity helps to create a climate of trust. You will also interfere with a routine that allows for employee loyalty within the company because they feel valued and understood. In addition, many employees suffer from health issues related to office work. Not to mention all the private evils that follow them in their workplace and that can contribute to a non-harmonious and counterproductive climate.

Offering this service demonstrates the company's ability to create an ecosystem that will benefit everyone for its prosperity and longevity.

Shiatsu by private appointment

You will be received for personalized care. A receipt for insurance purposes is given in the name of the Quebec Federation of Massage Therapy, accepted by all companies.

Bring soft clothing (T-shirt and cotton pants for example). An exchange period is allocated before and after our session.

** Some health problems most often encountered: stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia; inflammatory muscle and joint problems (tendinitis / bursitis / cervicalgia); herniated disc, sciatica; problems related to the digestive system; chronic pain and degenerative diseases; cancer.