Canadian made

A guarantee of quality since 2008


So, we chose to stay here, in Québec Canada, not making our product by a third part in an eastern country in order to make more money, be more competitive. We chose to spend here that extra money we could make elsewhere. Raw materials cost more, production cost more, wages cost more, so we often have no extra money at all at the end but quality and care are at the rendez-vous and this is everything to us.

From enriching our community using sustainable materials and by employing experienced workers proud to still be able to make and produce locally. To provide a top-quality product to customers who can trust that their purchase will last and that they can be cared if something happened to it. We are here each step of the way, and this for 15 years now.

Making a product here, in small quantity, is a different business model. A model focused on users, on functionality, on durability. We aimed to produce a product which becomes a tool, a friend, something you can count on in your every day practice. We could not do if we were making our product anywhere but home. How to imprint that soul in the heart of each product we make if we treat it as something else than a living thing. From the wood harvested in our forest, to the people involved in its production, we can be present and this is gold to us.

We hope that our choices and dedication can add a little magic and that we will have your continuous support for the many years to come!